"Take off your shoes"

So, it was hardly a burning bush kind of moment. No smoldering embers. No wilderness communique. But I did sort of get heartburn.

I was in Old Navy yesterday. Two of my boys needed new white dress shirts for school. (Yes. Dress shirts. My youngest went to school in white, came home in cream, playground, marker, lunch-colored cream. So new shirts were in order.)

As I was walking to check out with new shirts in hand the cashier commented on my shoes, my favorite leopard print wedges. (I’m kind of fashion wall-flower, NOT.) Charlene asked where I found them, but I honestly couldn’t remember. I thanked her for the compliment and walked to the door.

As I stepped off the curb God said, “give her your shoes.” I knew it was from God. This was not a thought that originated with me. I immediately replied, “that’s crazy.” I was fully committed to disobedience. I was continuing my protest as I neared my car.

“They probably won’t fit.”

“Who would want my used shoes?”

“Isn’t that offensive to give her my worn in shoes?”

“She was probably just being nice; she wouldn’t want my shoes.”

None of these were really arguments or suggestions. This wasn’t an open discussion. There was no way I was going back inside. I pulled on the door handle of my car. It wouldn’t budge. Wouldn’t unlock. I pulled again.

God was unlocking my heart instead. I turned and walked back inside.

I had to wait 15 minutes on Charlene, letting the other customers go ahead of me to the other available cashiers.

As I walked to her register I said, “You may think I’m crazy. I kind of think I’m crazy. But God told me to give you my shoes.”

Charlene was shocked. Truthfully, so was I. I took of my shoes and paid for a pair of super cute flats. (I don’t know if God wanted me to walk out barefoot. I didn’t ask. Just bought a pair of super cute lace-up flats.)

We hugged, and I said, “there not a lot of good stuff happening between black and white folks in this country. Shoes won’t change the world, but God told me to do it. If they don’t fit, just pass them on to somebody else.”

Y’all, don’t be impressed with me. I didn’t fix the racial divide in this country. I just took of my shoes. I did something kind of crazy because Jesus asked me to.

To whom can you show the extravagant love of Jesus today? It may seem crazy, but this world could use a little bit of that kind of crazy, don’t you think?