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Have you ever felt insecure studying Scripture? Ever heard a voice in your head whisper, "you don't know enough to study this. Everybody else knows stuff you don't, and you'll never catch up." Or perhaps, you've been in a group and pretended to know words or stories you didn't because it just seemed safer than saying, "y'all, I am so confused."

I get it. I do. I've heard those same accusations, and I've been the girl who pretended to be in the know or tried to hide all the blanks on my bible study page. 

But fast forward years later, and I can tell you that theological knowledge and confident bible study isn't a dream reserved just for scholars or saints, because, friend, I'm neither. And when I say "confident bible study" I'm not saying it chest-puffed out, super “proud of me” kind of way. No. What I can tell you, after years and years of digging into His Word, is that the Holy Spirit actually can be trusted to teach us the Word. He is supremely capable of compensating for my shortcomings. He doesn't use anything but my willingness and hard work. (Yes, it is hard work. He doesn't enable or absolve laziness.) But my stubbornness, my confusion, my lack of clarity and confidence? Yes, He can overcome all of those.

Here's what I would tell you if we were having coffee. (Which I'd greatly prefer, by they way because I'd love for you to hear my voice and see my earnest hope and cheerleading.) I can testify with great joy and enthusiasm, that you can do this. Because, through no gifting of my own, I did. The Bible really is for the ordinary gal because we are empowered by an extraordinary God. I am shockingly average. But what He's done in me, is shockingly impressive. But please, please don't be impressed with me. Be impressed with Him.

Believe me, I wrote and deleted that last sentence at least five times. Really. I DO NOT want that to sound prideful. Goodness gracious, there is no part of this I can take credit for. But I want to rescue you from the lie that you can't do this. That there isn't time. That you are too far behind. That you don't know enough. That it's too hard, academic or heady for you. 

Knowing, understanding and applying God's Word is for you. Really. Let Him prove it. And let me cheer you on.

That's the point of Simple Seminary. To hold your hand and cheer you on as God the Father, through God the Spirit make Scripture come alive for you.  If you think you'd like a girlfriend who can help you understand those terms you've heard but didn't "get" or explain the connections between different passages or just say, "girl, get off Facebook and get in the Word," this is for you. Because while it's possible. It's not easy. And we all need a little hand holding or a kind, but firm kick in the fanny from time to time. 

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Join us. It's going to be epic!